Every SATURDAY & SUNDAY, Rain or Shine!

Explore our talented artisans, readers, and holistic practitioners.

Enjoy delicious food, build community, and become a better you!

Open 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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noun / wēk-end

: two days to get away to explore, connect + grow

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grow with life-changing workshops

Experience our keynote presenters and facilitators who will provide just-in-time inspiration and guided journeys. Break free from your status quo and evolve into the best version of you.


EXPLORE holistic vendors + ARTISANS

Explore our diverse selection of vendors, including amazing artisans, psychic readers, and holistic practitioners who can help you to heal mind, body and spirit.

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cONNECT OVER Community meals *

Commune with new friends over a delicious all organic meal (or two), and experience the synchronicity, serendipity, and magic that happens at Casa de Luz.

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Saturdays + Sundays

Open 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM

@ Casa de Luz

* All meals must be purchased from Casa de Luz and are not included in the free admission to the fair.


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I'm 36 years in Metaphysical Community. I'm a professional Psychic Medium, Master Teacher, Ordained Reverend, Curandero. I hold a Bachelor in Metaphysical Science, Owner of Finding Your Life, Texas School of Curanderismo. Very involved in the Metaphysical Community in Central Texas.

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Nick Mallett

Quantum Energy Healing

Hi I am Nick Mallett I am from England originally and now living in Austin Texas, I am a Quantum energy worker utilizing source energy to help remove any energy blocks that you may have, removal of Earth bound spirits and Entities, etheric ties, and reversal of negative thoughts patterns and programming.

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madelaine memmer

Meet Maddy, a passionate color analyst dedicated to help people discover their most flattering and confidence-boosting shades. Drawing from extensive training and an eye for detail, Maddy excels in analyzing skin undertones, hair color, and eye color to curate a customized color palette that is unique to you.

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My items, all one-of-a-kind, include sun catchers, mini watercolor paintings, repurposed curio items, and whatever creative creation my brain has brought forth.

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More Vendors Will Be Announced Soon!


Casa de Luz

1701 Toomey Road, Austin, TX

You will feel as though you are stepping into another reality at Casa de Luz. Get away from the status quo and escape to a rainforest-esque environment with lush greenery and exceptionally delicious, high-vibrational,, organic, vegan food.

Come commune over a meal with new and old friends alike. Can’t wait to see you here!

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the casa de Luz advantage

550+ people who are already interested in the types of products and/or services you offer already go to Casa de Luz every weekend. Over time, they will go there for the Market, too.

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repeat value

There will always be something new to see and do at GoldenGaia Market. We will be introducing weekly themes, new vendors, and new events consistently to keep thing fresh, new, and interesting.

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Consistent visibility

The market will run every Saturday and Sunday, rain or shine to provide consistent visibility for your products and services.

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flexible schedules

Whether you see this as something you would like to do every week, one day a week, every month, or every quarter, we've got you covered!

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marketing know-how

We will be running a multi-faceted marketing campaign to the spiritual and holistic communities in the greater Austin area, leveraging our past experience running successful advertising campaigns.

power in numbers

We will be marketing to the Casa de Luz customer list and social media following cultivated over 30 years, our own list and following, and those of the rotating 76 vendors in attendance every weekend. Combined, our reach is massive.



After careful contemplation, and our not so careful evening banter - we had come up with the idea to create a space where we could encourage a healthier lifestyle, person by person, by exposing others to artisan wares, exciting events, and having open discussion over food & drink. After all, they say the fastest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach!

Hope to see you there!

Tasman Moskwa

partners and sponsors

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Get in touch with GoldenGaia


Phone: 210-201-6811


Venue Address

1701 Toomey Rd, Austin, TX 78704